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In situ TEM Nanomechanics

We focus on novel experimental methods to investigate deformation mechanisms in small volumes. In particular, we use in situ TEM techniques such as quantitative nanocompression to both measure the mechanical properties and observe the microstructural evolution of nanoscale volumes simultaneously.

Electron Microcharacterization of Soft Materials

We are developing methods to image structure and processes in soft materials (such as polymers) at the nanoscale. This involves the development of electron beam imaging techniques, in situ TEM methods, and investigations to further our understanding of electron scattering in non-crystalline, organic and inorganic soft materials.

In situ SEM/TEM of Laser-based Processes

We have developed techniques and instrumentation to observe laser-based processes in the SEM or TEM. Nanofabrication processes such as ablation, laser cleaning, deposition and growth of nanostructures can then be observed in real time using lensed fiber probes.

Research Photo Collection

Check our publications to read more about the science behind the photos.

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